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How to remodel with potential buyers in mind

When you are remodeling your home it is important to strike a balance between your needs, the needs of future potential buyers. According to Remodel Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report, homeowners can typically expect to recoup over 70 percent of what they pay for a minor kitchen remodel. Focus on the basics, like cabinet resurfacing, counter tops, and flooring but stay away from pricey hand-painted tiles or built-in espresso machines. Remember, bold or unique product selections such as orange cabinets or red countertops will likely alienate future buyers, so stick to neutral themes.

Do your research to determine what remodels yield the highest return on your investment. When selecting an area to remodel be conscious of your neighborhood. Remember, your location is a large indicator of the price you can expect from future buyers, so if you do indulge in high-ticket items, enjoy them, but don’t expect a large return on your splurge. Currently, the remodels with the highest returns are: entryway doors, garage doors, finished basements or attics, and vinyl siding.

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