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Check for the basics throughout your house

Do you have emergency numbers next to the phone?
■ Is there a stepladder handy?
■ Are electrical outlets exposed? They can be covered
if unused.
■ Are extension cords frayed? Replace them.
■ Do you check electrical outlets to be sure they’re not overloaded?

■ Do you know where the circuit breaker or fuse box
is? Do you have spares?
■ Do you know how to turn off the electricity and gas
in an emergency?
■ Is your hot water heater set at 120° F or below?
■ Do you have fresh batteries in the smoke detector
and the carbon monoxide detector?
■ Is your fire extinguisher ready to use?
■ Are your floors non-skid?
■ Are your floor coverings and rugs secure?
■ Do you have protective screens in front of fireplaces?
■ Are candles kept away from walls and curtains?
■ Do interior doors have safety release locks so they
can open from either side?
■ If there are small children in your home, are
windows and screens secure?
■ Is lead-free paint used on all surfaces?
■ Are furnaces and flues regularly inspected and
■ Are guns unloaded and locked up?
■ Does everyone know two ways to exit your home?

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