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Cosmetic changes that can transform a home!

There are cost-effective ways to transform your new home. Perhaps you want to change the look of your home but a major remodel or professional construction project is out of the question. Here are some DIY ideas that won’t break the bank and will revamp your new property.

Repaint and revitalize. Never underestimate the difference a coat of paint can make in a room or even one wall.

Update your hardware. Replacing the fixtures on dresser drawers, kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities is simple. Accessories like doorknobs, and even hinges can look dated. Spice up a space by swapping out the existing hardware and make it your own.

Sand and stain. Don’t like your kitchen cabinets but aren’t ready to completely renovate? No problem, as long as they are in good condition, you can paint or stain your existing cabinets. Be sure to do a test on the inside of a cabinet that won’t be seen to make sure you get desired results.

Counterculture. New counter tops drastically change a space and are available at most home improvement stores in standard sizes at a reasonable price. They are precut and ready to install.
New stream. Faucets in the kitchen, tub, and sinks can be changed. They should correlate with the rest of the style in the specific room.

Get floored. Tiles can be inexpensive and transform a kitchen, bath or mudroom.

Kitchen views. You can switch out a kitchen backsplash without moving cabinetry or appliances, and the sky’s the limit in terms of color and style.

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