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Finding an extra Space

extra SpaceFinding extra space at home doesn’t always have to mean an expansion project.

Even if physical or financial constraints keep you from expanding your home’s living space it’s possible to give your home the appearance of looking larger with a few simple projects. An added benefit is that space will be freed up and you actually will have more room to move around without knocking down walls or building additions to the house. Here a few ideas:

Take it outside: The cheapest and easiest addition is utilizing your yard. Depending on its size, a backyard is a great spot for a deck or gazebo. Either spot can be a nice escape from the indoors and be utilized as places to eat, relax or have family talks.

Think clearly: Also depending on your location or yard size, a wall of windows can brighten a room and draw the eye out to the landscape or yard. If the line of vision is long, the room with the view will automatically appear to expand.

Double up: End tables and coffee tables that have room inside for storage will help with clutter and remove the need for extra storage bins or boxes.

Rise above: Putting shelves on your walls will add floor space and make the room look bigger. If you can’t or don’t want to pound nails into the wall, tall book shelves have similar effects on space, and you don’t even have to use them for books or solely in the living room or den. They also can be used in the kitchen as a form of cupboard space.

Team up: Just because you call a room a den or dining room doesn’t mean they can’t serve as office space or an extra bedroom if needed. A futon or sleeper sofa in the den is all it takes for extra sleeping space, and with electronics such as laptops and printers shrinking each year, you don’t need huge desks or tables to set up shop and work from home if necessary.

Finish the job: If you have an unfinished basement, attic or attached garage that’s basically being used for storage, finishing one of those interior spaces will free up a lot of room and give you a chance to get creative.

Built-in ideas: Whether you add window-seats or built-in bookshelves, small rooms will benefit. Unlike groupings of furniture that can appear mismatched or cluttered, built-ins make small rooms appear quaint, yet spacious.

Think big: The larger the tile, plank or pattern on a floor, the larger the room will look. And if you install tiles in a diagonal pattern, that appearance is enhanced. Seriously, they do studies on these things.

Hang it up: If your closet only has two walls for hanging clothes, hang a rod at head height for long clothing on one wall and on the other hang two rods – one above the other – for shorter clothing. That little move can free up a lot of space.

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