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7 Tips for Negotiating a better lease

Hand ShakeWhether you own a small office building, warehouse or retail strip center, your business depends on your ability to rent out your space and craft a lease that clearly lays out the terms agreed upon by landlord and tenant.

Here are 7 tips to help you better negotiate real estate lease

    • Know your market. Research the competition, and familiarize yourself with what others are charging for rent.
    • Know your property. Be aware of the actual operating costs of your building, such as taxes, insurance, trash collection, repairs and utilities.
    • Make sure the lease clearly sets forth the obligations of each party to pay building costs or build these costs into your asking rent.
    • Confirm what the tenant will use the space for, and ensure that such usage is permitted and that there are no zoning regulations or laws that would prohibit it.
    • Determine what improvements are needed for the space as well as which party will pay for any necessary build-out.
    • Put it on paper. Get tenant offers in writing. Have an attorney review the offers and write (or at least review) the lease.
    • Hire a professional. Probably the best tip is to work with an experienced commercial broker, who can market your property and help negotiate lease terms.

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