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Simple ways to discourage home break-ins

discourage home break-insThe idea of a home break-in can be unsettling. Here are some preventative measures that may spare your home an uninvited guest.

Get an alarm system. In order for home security systems to actually work, they must be turned on! If you are unable to afford an alarm system, consider home alarm stickers for your windows and signs for your yard.

Lock your windows and doors. This may be obvious, but it is important to secure your home by utilizing locks. Also, don’t leave your garage door open.

Don’t advertise you’re not at home. Arrange for mail to be held at the post office and cancel your paper delivery.

Install motion sensors. Lights that are triggered by movement may deter an intruder who is lurking around outside.

Get to know your neighbors. Alert neighbors to be vigilant when you’re out-of-town.
Set your timers. Lights should be on a timer, so your home is well-lit even if you’re not there.

Trim shrubs and trees around your home. Any overgrown brush provides a place for an intruder to hide.

Don’t have valuables in plain sight. A purse on a kitchen counter or a nice watch on the coffee table can be very tempting to an intruder.

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